Marta Illescas, Ayurveda Naturopath, Massage & Wellness in Alicante and Orihuela, Costa Blanca

ES Bienvenidos a Marta Illescas- Terapias ayurvédicas en Alicante, soy naturópata y ofrezco masajes, consulta de alimentación y estilo de vida.

DE Willkommen bei Marta Illescas - Ayurveda-Therapien in Alicante, ich bin Heilpraktikerin und biete Massage, Ernährungs- und Lifestyleberatung an.

EN Welcome to Marta Illescas- Ayurveda therapies in Alicante, I am a naturopath and I offer massages, nutrition and lifestyle consultation.

FR Bienvenue à Marta Illescas - Thérapies ayurvédiques à Alicante, je suis naturopathe et offre des massages,  consultation sur nourriture et de mode de vie.

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 "I had a very painful contracture that caused me headaches. After going to the doctor many times and feeding myself with relaxants and anti-inflammatories, I went to see Marta Illescas. Her treatment is wonderful and  the problem disappeared in four sessions. I recommend it to everybody". 

Naturopath for treatments & massages, wellness & more about Ayurveda in Alicante and Orihuela, Costa Blanca

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine from India. It is the "wisdom of life". The term is made up of two words: "ayus", meaning life as a combination of body, mind and spirit. And "veda", meaning knowledge in the sense of wisdom. 


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Trained in foreign languages and business administration. After several years of experience in the business world, I discovered my true vocation and the impressive world of ayurveda after a panchakarma cure in Sri Lanka in 2014.


I was captivated by the variety of aspects that Ayurveda treats, as well as the fact that it is a knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation for thousands of years, as well as its preventive focus to maintain balance.


So in May 2015 I started my naturopathy studies which I finished in Frankfurt (Germany) in December 2017.


Since then I am dedicated to naturopathy and Ayurvedic therapies, and I have been able to collaborate with different centers and serve clients in my own centre. I have kept on studying Ayurveda and other techniques between Germany and India as well.



Tel. +34 622 390458



Address: Médico Pascual Pérez 20, Derecha Bajo

CP: 03001 - Alicante