Marta Illescas, Ayurveda Naturopath, Massage & Wellness in Alicante and Orihuela, Costa Blanca

Welcome to Marta Illescas- Ayurvedic therapies in Alicante and Orihuela, I advise you on ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle, medicinal plants and manual therapies such as massages to alleviate your health problems, from headaches and insomnia to stomach and intestine discomfort, thanks to my knowledge Ayurveda and Naturopathy.

Overloaded with too much information about food that you don't know what to eat? Discover the Ayurveda dietary guidelines with a very simple logic and with experience of more than 5000 years, based on the flavors and types of constitution. The focus is to promote the consumption of certain food items and reduce others, or tricks to make them more digestible. Make your ONLINE appointment today and discover it!

Naturopath for treatments & massages, wellness & more about Ayurveda in Alicante and Orihuela, Costa Blanca

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine from India. It is the "wisdom of life". The term is made up of two words: "ayus", meaning life as a combination of body, mind and spirit. And "veda", meaning knowledge in the sense of wisdom. 

"I had a very painful contracture that caused me headaches. After going to the doctor many times and feeding myself with relaxants and anti-inflammatories, I went to see Marta Illescas. Her treatment is wonderful and  the problem disappeared in four sessions. I recommend it to everybody". Cristina Rodríguez Bermejo

Thanks Marta. Your Reiki changed my life, helping me with my knee issues and sleeping problems."


Marta Tejerina Pablos


Get to know your ayurvedic constitution type (Dosha) and your best nutrition tipps.


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Tel. +34 622 390458



Address: Médico Pascual Pérez 20, Derecha Bajo

CP: 03001 - Alicante


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