REI-KI comes from REI (spirit, soul) and KI (life energy). An easy explanation is that it is a hand-placing system. The life energy is channelled and comes out through the hands. This way, blockages can be dissolved, self-healing power can be activated, relax sensation and peace can be attained and harmony can be recovered. Reiki has an impact on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


Reiki is transmitted from the teacher to the student through an initiation ceremony. This way we can follow a teacher line back to Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. My Reiki master lineage is detailed as follows:


Traditional Japanese Reiki: : Mikao Usui - Kan’ichi Taketomi - Kimiko Koyama - Hiroshi Doi - Antonio Moraga - Jose María Jiménez Solana - Mar Martín - Diana Solaz- Marta Illescas


My experience with Reiki

My first contact with reiki was in 2005 as I attended a first grade Reiki course. I was really astonished to see how a very easy technique can have such an impact on restoring balance; a technique within reach for everybody, usable anytime, anywhere.


I practised Reiki for years untill I became a teacher in 2016. It is a real honor for me to teach this wonderful system.




The hourly rate for reiki treatments amounts to 60 €, the treatment duration will be based on the customer´s need. 

Reiki Courses:

Reiki 1:   100 Euro

Reiki 2:   150 Euro

Reiki 3a (Master): 300 Euro 

Reiki 3b (teacher): from 500 Euro


A written, oral or email course registration is binding independently from payment.

A course participant can cancel without giving any reason 4 weeks before course start.

50% of course fees will be charged upon cancellation 2-4 weeks before course start.

75% of course fees will be charged upon cancellation 2 weeks before course start.

100% of course fees will be charged upon cancellation 24 hours before course start.