Ayurveda is the traditional medicine from India. It is the "wisdom of life". The term is made up of two words: "ayus", meaning life as a combination of body, mind and spirit. And "veda", meaning knowledge in the sense of wisdom.


Ayurveda has 8 therapy pillars: nutrition, lifestyle, medicinal therapy, external therapies,  detoxification process, surgery,psychosomatic/psycology, and subtle process.

I offer services regarding nutrition consultancy and external therapies.


My experince with ayurveda

I attended an Ayurveda massage course in September 2016 in Frankfurt. Later, an extensive basics Ayurveda course especially focused on external treatments in Kerala, India, December 2016, and, finally, an Ayurveda nutrition course in May 2017 in Westerwald. And I continue extending my knowledge. 


It provides very simple guidelines about nutrition: which food is good for my body, when and how I should eat it. This maintains our body healthy and full of vitality. After my first trip to India I basically learnt how to eat and breathe. Despite the fact I had grown up with the fantastic Mediterranean diet, there was always a lack of understanding in my life: what is good specifically for my body.


It is never late to get to know you better! Know more about ayurvedic treatments!


Abhyanga (60 min)

Mukabhyanga (45 Min)

Padabhyanga (30 Min)

Udvarthana (45 Min)

Pinda svedana (60 Min)

Shirodhara (30 Min)

Kati Basti (30 Min)

Lepa (30 Min)